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Qlue Affiliates

We aim to accelerate positive changes worldwide by leveraging an AI-based comprehensive surveillance system. Join us as Qlue Affiliates and build your own growth!

Qlue Affiliates generated as mutually beneficial partnerships between Qlue and yours. Seamless business, pure profit!

What are the Benefits?


No need to ask for quotation every time your clients ask as our price list is fully available on the website. Enjoy up to 20% commission fee on-the-go, no administration hassle.


No need to procure any GPU servers or upgrade camera to AI-based when there is new AI detection. Enjoy 14 days trial of all features directly from the website.


With our simple onboarding process, meaning there will be less investment for our partners. This increases profitability. On top of that, our SaaS method provide high scalability.

How Does It Work?

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Promote the product

Our solution solves various surveillance and security issues effectively through AI-based solutions. Let people know by enhancing its benefit.

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Deal with customer

As we provide pure flexibility and options, you just have to help the customer to adjust their usage plan anywhere, anytime.

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Earn the benefits

Boost your revenue by closing the deal with customers and let’s drive impact together.