Augmenting on-ground officers operations which result in an immediate cost reduction by leveraging an AI based solution.

Monitor and augment your business, seamlessly!

Solve various surveillance and security issues effectively through AI-based solutions.

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Unorganized coordination and task management

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Unclear accountability and transparency of work

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Inefficient on-ground personnel allocation

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Illegal parking violations

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Traffic congestion

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Covid-19 transmission

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Provide notable savings

Eliminates upfront cost of purchase/installation, and on-going costs like maintenance and upgrades.

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Access information anywhere even from your mobile devices.

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Save more times

Installation is as simple as having an internet connection and loging-in.

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Flexibility and scalability

We provide fantastic flexibility and options. Change your usage plan anywhere, anytime.

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Easy to use

Experience our solutions seamlessly with easy-to-use interface.

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Automatic updates

We provide software updates and the deployment on the server.


We collaborate with a range of organizations, both government and private sectors, including local authorities and public bodies, property developers, etc.


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