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Work from Office VS Compliance to COVID-19 Health Protocols

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Have you ever imagined the new normal at your office? Every limitation shall be implemented, but its monitoring will be the other challenge. Read more.

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Have you ever imagined the new normal at your office? Every limitation shall be implemented, but its monitoring will be the other challenge. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, now the monitoring and surveillance system will be much more seamless in order to put COVID-19 outbreak into its minimum. Read more

Overseeing the employee during their activity at the office amidst pandemic COVID-19 would be a new challenge for most companies. Particularly, big corporations which employ hundreds or thousands of employees. Work-shifting is only one out of many possibilities by its management to reduce the crowd. But it’s not sufficiently reduce the concern regarding virus transmission.

Earlier this year, governments around the world have loosen up their regulations, allowing employees to work from office with certain protocols. Slowly but sure, business began to run and economic wheels started spinning. Concerns over catching and spreading the coronavirus mean that roughly 40% of workers able to work from home likely will continue to do so.

Work that requires physical interactions however; such as construction, retail, food service, entertainment, sports, medical care, education, and salons will require significant changes to the physical environment and individual behaviors. The virus may not affect people with a good immune system. But the virus is still able to transmit to others who disobey the health protocols. The management certainly expects their employees would have a high awareness for the protocols, but never alienate any possibility of protocol violation inadvertently.

While physical distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, and cleaning up surfaces make those workplaces safer, limiting the spread of the virus depends on identifying and disrupting systems of connections. It will require mapping out transmission networks and breaking key links in those networks, a strategy quite similar to the one the intelligence community has long used to break up illegal networks. This can be done with the use of technology, especially AI surveillance systems.

Now surveillance systems play a more integral role in mitigating any possibilities of COVID-19 outbreak at office spaces. By utilizing AI, surveillance systems provided by Qlue can now serve office space for non-physical attendance checking, detecting mask usage, contact tracing, and other surveillance purposes. With tireless monitoring, the surveillance system will make sure each employee complies with the health protocols.

Not only monitoring, the system can be integrated with a workforce management mobile app, automatically sending alerts to nearby security officers or stakeholders if a person is detected violating the health protocols. The app can also function as a task management tool, where leaders can organise tasking and measure the performances of on-field workers. All of the recorded data such as timestamps, mask usage, violations, and detected faces will be gathered to a single dashboard in real-time where business leaders can get comprehensive insights and make better decisions.

Employees’ safety will need to be prioritised in order to recover from this challenging situation. This solution has helped more than 20 office spaces across Indonesia in bouncing back from the business decline due to the pandemic.

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