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Mobile Workforce Management to Optimize Business Operations

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The disruptive technology has been increasingly implemented in various industries, including the workforce management industry

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The workforce management industry has evolved significantly in the last 10 years by bringing many positive impacts to mobile working environments, to be more effective, productive, and efficient. This will help companies to create a more profitable business.

Meanwhile, the disruptive technology has been increasingly implemented in various industries, including the workforce management industry. The manual system with paperwork is being abandoned and replaced with smartphones. The combination of technology and employees’ behaviors change has triggered the growth of business and industry, and also increased the number of mobile workforce.

What is workforce management? Workforce management is a set of processes designed to maximize the performance of individuals in a company or organization. As our society continues to adopt new technologies such as smartphones and enterprise mobility tools, more companies are allowing employees to become mobile. Mobile workforce management refers to activities used to schedule the employees working outside the company premises. It helps distribute workforce efficiently across various departments in an institution.

Apart from several work that can’t be done behind the desk, more companies offer flexibility to its employees. With the flexibility, the way employees work and how they do things have changed, from the conventional and traditional way to a more modern way.

That’s where workforce management tools/softwares evolved to be the essential part which helps companies to achieve their business goals. Intelligent workforce management solution will help the companies in various ways, such as:

Improve on-ground coordination and accountability of personnel

Mobile workforce management will allow employees to send location, share pictures, videos, voice notes, review documents, mark-up media files, assign and dispatch members. Mobile workforce management will empower them with a complete oversight of everyone, making it easier to connect and coordinate from anywhere.

Breaks down long processes for issue monitoring and resolution

No more forms and approval lines. Report, process, and resolve an issue, both the manager and the person responsible for it will get the update immediately. Managers can see all of the new, on-going and resolved issues anytime, in a simple and intuitive design, helping managers always be in-the-know for all problems.

Paperless business systems

Workforce management will reduce paperwork significantly, enabling employees to submit reports through photo, video, text, voice note, through their smartphones. It will also allow them to communicate through secure chat to coordinate clearly and safely.

Intelligently automate schedules

Workforce management system allows management to receive notifications or warnings when schedule hours exceed the budgeted hours.

Better control and visibility of your employees

Mobile workforce management will help management to gain better control and visibility into the amount of staff overtime, and rationalize how the overtime works.

Measure and track attendance

Mobile workforce management will quickly measure and track employees’ attendance. It will also reduce the risk of noncompliance with automatic checks against working time directives and employee contracts, ensuring scheduling is always in line with legal requirements.

If your company or organization employs a number of mobile employees, and you want to be part of the disruptive change, workforce management will be the key to achieve the optimum business performance. Together with AI and machine learning, a mobile workforce will create a great work environment both for the employees and for the whole company.

In addition, the COVID-19 also changed the way employees work. Most of the companies implemented the work from home (WFH) policy, where companies couldn’t monitor all of their employees. A mobile workforce management will help the company to monitor and ensure their employees accountability, even if they are at their homes.

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