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How Facial Recognition Tech Helps Business During Pandemic

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Read further on how facial recognition technology can address public concerns about touching in public spaces.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc globally, it is certain to say that life after this pandemic is going to look a lot different. The altering way of life after a pandemic is the result of the implementation of the Covid-19 health protocols in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). It is also familiarly known as “the new normal”.

From washing hands, limiting meetings, maintaining distance, even taking self-isolation, the way people do things is going to shift. Not only on the personal level, but companies have also been encouraged to adapt agilely. The adaptation includes making a safe and healthy working environment happen. 

Seeing that the coronavirus is transmitted by touching infected surfaces, touching surfaces in public places is now seen as a big deal. For more than a decade, corporates have adopted biometric finger scanning as their employees’ attendance tracker. Hence, after the outbreak, corporates started to suspend the biometric attendance system to keep their employees protected from getting infected by the virus. 

In response to the suspension of the biometric attendance system, corporates are expected to switch to a facial recognition attendance system since it implements touchless methods. Facial recognition technology becomes the answer to implement a safe and sound workplace. Especially, once work-from-home regulation is holistically terminated. 

The facial recognition technology should be easily implemented and understood. Employees returning to offices must not have to grope one's way hard to learn the process of using the machine itself. Furthermore, from a business perspective, it should also be in a cost-effective manner.

Having to just look at the machine then probably smile at it, real-time integration to a cloud-based database will do the rest of the work. The real-time integration will make it possible for the employer to detect the punctuality of their employees. 

Moreover, the facial recognition system can be enhanced by working hand in hand with the thermal scanners. The combination of these two technologies can be implemented beyond the workplace level. Airports, sports halls, concert venues, and malls can also be potential public spaces in which these two technologies are carried out.

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