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Enforcing Health Protocols in Workplace

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JIEP, one of the largest industrial estate developers in Indonesia, has implemented QlueThermal to enforce the Covid-19 protocol in their office areas.

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QlueThermal, as our leading product in the middle of the pandemic, has also been implemented in the JIEP workplace area. QlueThermal is an automatic human body temperature and mask detector which has been implemented in several private and government offices. Implementing QlueThermal has guaranteed JIEP some competitive advantages such as a more accurate and faster-checking process. 

QlueThermal has distinguished itself from other products with its hyper-localization ability. Owning a face dataset that contains vast local faces, Qlue is able to perform more accurately while detecting faces. Not only faces, but QlueThermal is also able to detect face masks with various styles in Indonesia like batik or face-like masks.

All the features mentioned above are possible to be implemented since QlueThermal is equipped with a thermal camera, a proximity sensor, and a camera with AI capabilities. The temperature sensor on QlueThermal can detect someone’s body temperature with a margin of error of 0.2 celsius degrees. For the maximum distance, QlueThermal can detect the body temperature from up to one-meter distance.

Aside from the device’s own internal competitive advantage, QlueThermal’s utilization can also be enhanced by connecting QlueThermal to a barrier gate just like what JIEP has performed. If a person, who wants to enter the building, has complied with the health protocol criteria (normal body temperature and wearing a face mask), the door will automatically open. Hence, the people inside the building can be confirmed as physically fit individuals. 

From the side of the employer, QlueThermal is also able to determine the occupancy rate inside the building. With this ability, the employer can adjust the number of employees to be in accordance with the predetermined regulations. It is safe to say that QlueThermal can prevent the possibility of emerging crowds.

After every checking process, the result will be turned into data that will also be achieved in real-time. This set of data can be monitored through an integrated dashboard called QlueDashboard. QlueDashboard is supported by AI technology that will help employers to make a more effective decision.

From this time forth, QlueThermal will not only be used to enforce health protocol but also to be an attendance system for employees. JIEP has also planned to utilize this ability of QlueThermal for their employees. This alternative attendance system will be a safer option especially for times after pandemic. 

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