CF-VERSION: 1.18.0

Vehicle Detection and Recognition

Each year, traffic density at highways is becoming higher since the number of vehicles also rises up. Consequently, road safety has become one of the significant concerns of safety while driving on highways. With more than 98% accuracy, our smart video analytics is truly recommended to crop off the traffic to smooth the transportation, parking issues, and solve other mobility problems. We are taking the traffic management system to a whole new level.

How it Benefits Your Company


Our vehicle detection technology is powered with advanced data analytics to provide all the valuable insights for you to know better about your traffic ecosystem. Our solution will help you to formulate new operational policies in order to make better and more convenient vehicle flows.


Our vehicle detection technology is perfectly suited for your operation needs. There is a diverse range of operations being performed by our vehicle detection capability including traffic management, parking management, and security enforcement etc.


Our vehicle detection technology will help you to reduce the number of traffic congestion spots which eventually will save more cost and reduce the pollution level as well.

License Plate Recognition

Vehicle Counting and Classification

Illegal Parking Detection

Real-Time Dashboard and Monitoring

License Plate Recognition

Our solution is able to detect and recognize vehicle license plate. The solution is also able to create blacklist and whitelist of the vehicles, and capture the license plate in a real-time manner. When blacklisted vehicle detected, our solution directly gives notification to the nearest officer and command center.


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