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Smart Workforce Management

AI has already made a huge impact in the workforce management industry, helping businesses optimize across areas like performance, costs and tasks. It used to be a challenging thing for any leaders to manage on-ground teams. With leveraging AI, we aim to keep a seamless process of tracking, measuring, and reporting tasks amidst every individual in the company or organization. Because a synchronized workforce leads to profitable business.

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    How it Benefits Your Company

    One app to rule them all

    By implementing our solution, you will have a complete solution for workforce management, starting from task management, encrypted and trackable chat and video call, live-tracking position system, and dashboard for reporting and monitoring.

    Improve accountability and transparency in your organization

    The ability to create, view, manage and track tasks for multiple team members will allow you to ensure the task completion. The task progress can be also monitored, so you can ensure task completion.

    Helicopter-view of your organization

    The provided dashboard will provide you a helicopter-view of your organization, allowing you to make better business or operational decisions based on the gathered data.

    Task Management

    Multiple Type of Reports

    Live-Tracking System

    Dashboard For Monitoring

    Task Management

    Create, view, manage tasks for multiple team members. The task progress can be monitored, so you can ensure task completion. It also enables the company to create task prioritization and due date. The task completion can also use photo/video to ensure accountability.


    Accelerate Positive Changes