CF-VERSION: 1.17.0

Human Detection and Recognition

AI has become more and more familiar for many decades but we recently have been witnessing a major rebound of interest about how machines ‘see’ which leads us to see how AI can support industrial businesses.

We envision a near-future where our AI-powered camera will automate a lot of human-routinized activities. Not only helping you to see, but also to interpret accurately and provide you contextual information. We don't play with the mundane and conventional camerawork, we open a gateway to the world where our deep learning technology is the solution.

How it Benefits Your Company


Our face recognition detects faces in a video on the fly, identifies them against faces in watch lists, and sends notifications when a match is found. Thanks to the advanced face recognition algorithm, user-friendly interface and the possibility of rapid deployment, our face recognition is ideal for solving national and business security issues.


With blacklist and whitelist capabilities, you don't need to allocate on-ground security personnel on resticted areas/rooms. Our solution will give automatic notification if unknown person entered resticted areas in your company.


All the data captured by solution will be visualized in an integrated dashboard for end-to-end comprehensive data management and analysis for better decision making.

Facial Recognition

Mask Detection

People Counting

Intrusion Detection

Automatic Notification

Behavior Analysis

Facial Recognition

Able to blacklist, whitelist certain persons in an area, take a snapshot of detected face, and recognize the data update view in real-time. It can also compare live captured faces from video stream with any existing image/video database for profile matching. When blacklisted face detected, our solution directly gives notification to the nearest officer and command center.


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